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Short, Sweet, Sweat

Short on time? Try the 7-Minute Workout.

You’re busy. That’s the bottom line. Since it can be hard fitting a half an hour or longer workout into your schedule, you have to get creative sometimes. When cramped for time, you can’t get the same results as a full session with your trainer. But you need something, and you want something that’s effective and efficient. Something that provides results in as little time as possible.

This lack of time is why the 7-Minute Workout and its many competitors are so popular. Most likely, you can find seven free minutes in your day. If you can, you can squeeze exercise into your routine.

During this simple workout, you circuit through 12 different bodyweight exercises. It’s a high-intensity workout, forcing you to move from one exercise to the next with little rest in between. All major muscle groups of the upper body, lower body, and core get targeted. So you get a full-body workout in a short amount of time.

Keep reading to learn what exercises are included in the 7-Minute Workout and whether you should give it a try.

The Top 12
The 12 exercises in the 7-Minute Workout include the following:
Jumping jacks
Wall sits
Abdominal crunches
Step-ups onto a chair
Triceps dips using a chair
High knees
Push-ups with rotation
Side planks

As you can see, some exercises work the lower body, others work the upper body or core, and a few are full body exercises. And there’s an added perk. The exercises are simple and familiar, so you don’t have to learn anything new.

During the seven minutes, you do each exercise for 30 seconds. This gives you time for about 15 to 20 repetitions. After each set, rest for a short 10 seconds. Then move to the next exercise. Have a little more than seven minutes to devote to exercise? Circuit through the exercises as many times as you can. Do it multiple times a day and you’ll likely get more than the 30 minutes of exercise recommended by the experts.

Pros and Cons

Anyone at any fitness level can give the 7-Minute Workout a try. However, you may be surprised at the intensity of the workout. Though it utilizes basic movements, it’s no walk in the park. You may think that since it’s short, it’ll be easy, but if you push yourself, the workout will push you to your limits. In fact, if you’re out of shape, the exercises may be too intense. Work with your trainer to make sure you use proper form for each exercise in order to avoid injury.
Because the exercises use your body weight as resistance, much of the 7-Minute Workout is mainly a strength-training routine. But it’s more than that.

Moving from one exercise to the next gets your heart rate elevated. So it’s also a cardio workout that helps burn even more calories. The workout does not include flexibility exercises. So you should add your own. Spend a bit of time stretching after the workout.

Those with joint pain should be careful. The workout contains high-impact exercises that put stress on your joints. Feel free to substitute low-impact exercises that work similar muscles. In addition, certain exercises should be avoided if you have knee, shoulder, or wrist problems.

One reason people love the 7-Minute Workout is because it’s free. No equipment is needed except a chair and a wall. You can do it at home, in the park, or in a hotel room. There are apps available to download on your phone. These apps will walk you through the start and stop times for the 12 exercises.
So when you’ve got seven minutes and can’t get to the gym, stop making excuses. Get sweating!