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  • Get Your Groove On
    Whether alone at home, with a partner at the dance studio, or in a crowded nightclub, dancing provides a way to get exercise that’s fun and different. Not only good for your physical health, dancing provides benefits for your mental health as well. Read >>
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Get Your Groove On

Five reasons why you should dance more often.

Ballet, tap, swing, tango, waltz, modern, hip-hop, and salsa—the options are endless. Find a genre of music you enjoy and move to the beat. It’s that easy! Whether alone at home, with a partner at the dance studio, or in a crowded nightclub, dancing provides a way to get exercise that’s fun and different. Not only good for your physical health, dancing provides benefits for your mental health as well.

So the next time you’re looking for a workout that’s outside the box of traditional exercise that’ll help you burn some calories with a smile on your face, consider dancing. Here are five reasons why.

#1: It’s Good Exercise

Dancing is an effective cardio workout with the potential of burning a lot of calories. Many dances involve full-body movements that strengthen multiple muscles, while getting your heart pumping and your breathing elevated. With dancing, you can build endurance and improve your coordination and balance, making everyday activities easier.

As you would expect, the more face-paced and energetic the dance, the more calories you can burn. Dances that require changes in direction and intensity will help increase calorie burn. How much can you burn? A 200-pound person can expect to burn roughly 250 calories with a half hour of fast-paced ballroom dancing.

Dance has always been the center of who I am. It has given me the inspiration to help other people find a hobby, passion, and activity that fulfill them. It also taught me some of the many skills I need as an entrepreneur: a hard work ethic that takes practice to master and the confidence to persevere through any challenges. - Payal Kadakia

#2: It’s Convenient

Dancing can be done practically anywhere, anytime, and at any age. You need little to no special equipment, no weights or machines, just a way to listen to music. Unless you’re creative—then there’s no need to sweat the music. In other words, dancing is a free way to exercise (unless you sign up for a class). While some types of dancing require a certain amount of skill and precision, other dances can be made up on the spot. When you’re free dancing, there are no rules. Move to the music however you want.

#3: It’s Fun

The social aspect of dancing is one reason why it’s enjoyable to so many. A partner, a class of students, or a party atmosphere make dancing a fun way to get exercise. Plus, listening to your favorite dance tunes can make a long workout more enjoyable.

#4: It’s Good for Your Mind

Studies show dancing provides psychological and neurological benefits. Exercise and positive social interactions are known to boost your mood, increase confidence, manage stress, and reduce symptoms of depression.

Compared to exercises that repeat the same movements over and over (walking or jogging), dancing has a more powerful effect of protecting your mind from cognitive decline and memory loss. This is largely because of the choreography memorization and mind-body connection that must be made with many types of dancing. Because of these benefits, dancing makes a great exercise for everyone, but especially aging adults.

For some people, it’s the physical touch that’s so good for their mind. Loneliness, anxiety, stress, and depression often stem from a lack of human physical contact. Dance the foxtrot, tango, or swing with a significant other or close friend and the feel-good hormones that are released are like getting a hug to cheer you up.

#5: It Teaches Important Lessons

Taking a dance class and learning the choreography is hard work that pays off. The practice it takes to learn dance moves teaches discipline and focus.

Dance is a creative way to express your emotions. Instead of suppressing your emotions or adopting unhealthy lifestyle choices to deal with them, dance provides a healthy outlet to deal with your joy, frustration, sadness, anger, and any other emotion.

Shy, timid people can even learn to overcome their inhibitions with dance. In the dance studio you’re forced to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. When you do, your confidence gets a boost.

No matter what reason you have for wanting to bust a move, get off the couch and get moving!